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For the Love of Art



As the month of February gives us feeling of love, with it inspired the art/live music event that was simply  'For the Love of Art'. “We wanted to host a space where creative, inspired, talented, and love can come alive..." Luckily we had some amazing people help assist us in coordinating the event making it into a reality! Meet the women that helped bring this together! Kali, Valeria, Ms. Bellevue, and Gilbert.
From assisting in locating venues, creating a name for the event,  referring quality artists, and promoting and providing delicious Haitian food. Thank you for the help, love, and support  Follow these loving ladies and their stores on instagram!


Kali: @Eyeam1dotcom -Handmade jewelry & art pieces

Valeria: @Valeriasdivination -Handmade oils & beauty products

Ms. Bellevue & Gilbert: @Thesunscorpion -Retail & marketing

Thanks to the musicians, artists, and overall creators, we created a place for people to express their creations with others. Here are some stories, thoughts and opinions from the entrepreneurs about their craft and why they hosted, performed, and/or supported the event 'For the Love of Art'.

GILBERT the Peach

(Acoustic/Indie Musician/Artist)
@gilbertthepeach- "As a musician, I can say I have never been in a more caring and open community than that of the music/art community. I’ve always loved the idea of being able to spread my message to others in the form of music. Performing on stage is one of the best ways to do so. I hope to inspire others to do the same."



(RnB/Acoustic Musician/Artist)
@Iamdahshanae- "So I was invited to close the show by Kali and she told me about you mostly planning an art event and she invited me on which I was very much excited I said yes!  I like the venue is the most perfect venue like it's so perfect specifically for acoustic which is my genre  I love the energy you know so it was just a yes for me to perform just because I love the venue I love Kali  I love you and I just love music so everything just it felt perfect. I took a  long break from performing its been   years since  my first performance  and thanks to Kira inviting    inspired me to want to do a show it was honestly really really fun to just be up there and it felt natural"



(RnB Musician/Artist)

@officialjmusiq- "I enjoy being a creator and wanted to be around people that are creative and create show love and support to people in the black community and other creatives as well."

Grant Johnson

( Live Painter/Vendor ) 

@dapperboolery - "The major thing that inspired me to sell my art was while I'd be out at lounges and bars painting; the first few that I'd say started my 'collection' was bought by the bartenders at Jessie's Lounge who have quickly become good friends. From that spot. it tumbled into the local music community who also with a wealth of enthusiasm supported me. I couldn't thank them enough in just one life."


LTO Official

(Rap Artist)
@Tylertobell94 - "I was told about the event through my friend  so I gave it shot,
I enjoyed the vibe, art, and the people."

Ven-edible Sweets

(Baked goods/Vendor)
@Venediblesweets.com -"Three things I enjoyed about the event were the positive energy people had, the music difference, and lastly would be the food option."

FY Shy

(Rap Artist)
@sc_1shy- "At the event I enjoyed being able to interact with folks who I've never met before and talk about collaborating I also enjoyed how everything was set up as soon as you walk in you see all these different art portraits plus there was food I didn't get any sadly but I enjoyed that the option was there."



(Rap Artist/Musician )

@projectz555- "It was a great Vibe the food was amazing and there was a lot of good talent"