Acerca de

What is the 
Sun Scorpion?

The Team

Jose R.: (CEO) Company Representative, Booking Manager, Marketing Manager, Videographer

J. Bellevue: (Co-Founder) Media Manager, Marketing Manager, 

Genesis S.: (Co-Founder) Photo/Digital Editor, Website Coordinator, Marketing Manager, Treasurer


The Mission

The Sun Scorpion LLC is a marketing company that aims to give opportunity for up and coming musicians, artists, and local businesses. We wanted to create a way for young entrepreneurs to grow and have access to resources in a safe environment. Our company utilizes modern tools to help ensure the growth of your brand whether you are independently owned, or belong in a company setting. Many small / independent owners have enough to worry about regarding employment, finances, ect. We aim to lighten the load by offering multiple forms of service for your business such as:


  • Event Booking/Planning

  • Promotional Packages (photo, video, flyers,)

  • Studio/Recording

  • Sound Equipment

  • Catering 

  • Web design

  • Marketing

  • Retail/Products